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Plesk Shared Hosting Applications

1C-Bitrix Intranet Portal - Bitrix Intranet Portal is a business-driven intranet solution designed for Enterprise 2.0 collaboration.
4images Gallery - 4images is a powerful web-based image gallery management system. Features include comment system, user registration and mangagement, password protected administration area with browser-based upload and HTML templates for page layout and design. More features are: RSS feeds, search engine, automatic thumbnail generation, extensive user administration, upload function for users, showing IPTC and EXIF data of images, rating of images, spam protection, protection against hotlinking, newsletter function, e-cards, integrated database backup function, etc.
AccountLab Plus (Commercial, needs license) - AccountLab Plus is a full-featured web hosting account management system that supports over 180 TLDs, unlimited hosting plans, customers and servers. It handles tax, FAQ and support tickets. Currently 21 different payment methods are supported.
Advanced Guestbook - PHP-based guestbook script.
Advanced Poll - AdvancedPoll is a poll management system.
anyInventory - Inventory management program.
Apache Error Messages - Display a response of your choice as an alternative to conventional error messages such as “ Error 404 “. Enables you to display a custom text message or web page.
Articlepublisher - Powerful PHP tool to create and manage content, generate search-engine-friendly URLs.
Artmedic Guestbook - Guestbook.
Auto Index - Directory auto indexer.
Auto Responders - Auto Responders are email messages that automatically reply when someone sends a message to a certain email address.
b2evolution - b2evolution is a blogging tool that features pages that are generated dynamically, posts that are automatically arranged by date into a template/skin you have chosen and can customize, and the ability to browse through the archives and use advanced search capabilities.
BBClone - BBClone is a counter application that works by getting your server to update a custom-made statistics file, every time it delivers a web page to a browser which causes the visitor information to be up-to-date down to the last visit.
BIGACE - BIGACE is an web-based open source content-management-system with focus on usability and easy customization.
BlogEngine.NET - BlogEngine.NET is an a blog platform with less complexity, easy customization, and one that takes advantage of the latest .NET features.
Bookstore - Online BooksStore is a fully functional online store that you may use as a framework to create an expanded system or use 'as is'.
Brim - Brim is a personal information manager which provides online management of your bookmarks/favorites, your calendar, tasks, notes, recipes, passwords and much more.
Classifieds - Online Classifieds is a basic, yet fully functional online classifieds system.
Coppermine - Coppermine Photo Gallery is a picture gallery script that allows users to upload pictures with a web browser, rate pictures, add comments and send e-cards. The admins can manage the galleries and batch add pictures that have been uploaded on the server by FTP.
Crafty Syntax Live Help - Crafty Syntax Live Help provides a live support solution that enhances customer support with live help functionality that can be pushed to visitors of the website or requested by the visitor.
CRE Loader - An online store program and shopping cart software in one complete fully integrated ecommerce solution.
CS-Cart - PHP/MySQL shopping cart software
CubeCart - CubeCart is an "out of the box" ecommerce shopping cart software solution which has been written to run on servers that have PHP & MySQL support. With CubeCart you can quickly setup a powerful online store which can be used to sell digital or tangible products to new and existing customers all over the world.
DocFAQ - DocFAQ is a simple FAQ system.
DokuWiki - DokuWiki is a standards compliant, simple to use Wiki.
Dolphin - Smart Community Builder
DotClear - French blog package
dotProject - dotProject is a PHP web-based project management framework that includes modules for companies, projects, tasks (with Gantt charts), forums, files, calendar, contacts, tickets/helpdesk, multi-language support, user/module permissions and themes.
Drupal (6.4)- Drupal is an open source content management platform. Equipped with a powerful blend of features, Drupal supports a variety of websites ranging from personal weblogs to large community-driven websites.
EasyMoblog - Platform for the publishing of personal weblogs and moblogs.
EGroupWare - EGroupWare is an enterprise ready groupware software for your network that enables you to manage contacts, appointments, todos and many more for your whole business.
EMU Webmail - Webmail interface.
ePages - The professional and effective online commerce.
eScene - Virtual sticker board.
Events - Events is a basic, yet fully functional online Event management system.
FAQMasterFlex - This is a free, database-driven web-based application for creating and maintaining Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on your web site.
FastCGI - FastCGI allows compatible scripts to connect directly to the Apache web server for faster access, especially on popular websites.
FormMail nmsFormMail - Web-based CGI mail sender
Frontpage 2002 Extensions -FrontPage 2002 extensions are a set of programs on a Web server which allow users to author, administer, and browse Microsoft FrontPage extended websites, and to add enhanced functionality such as hit counters, search forms, and discussion Webs to their sites.
Gallery2 - Gallery is the next generation of photo sharing web applications. Gallery gives you an intuitive way to blend photo management seamlessly into your own website whether you're running a small personal site or a large community site. Hundreds of thousands of people and organizations are using Gallery to create personalized photo albums on their websites.

Geeklog - Geeklog is a PHP/MySQL based application for managing dynamic web content. Out of the box, it is a blog engine, or a CMS with support for comments, trackbacks, multiple syndication formats, spam protection, and all the other vital features of such a system.
getID3 - Script that extracts useful information from MP3s and other multimedia file formats.

H.H.G. multistore CE - Powerful ecommerce multilevel webcart shop system.

Help Center Live - Help Center Live is an open-source, community driven live chat & support system. You may easily provide live support on your website just like large companies do with very little work. With Help Center Live, you can provide a real-time, live support or sales person experience.

iScripts EasyBiller - iScripts EasyBiller is a online billing and account management software specially developed for service businesses.

iScripts Eswap - Online swapmeet site.

iScripts EasySnaps - Advanced Image hosting script.

iScripts Multicart - Shopping cart With Multi vendors and a single storefront.

iScripts SocialWare - iScripts SocialWare is a social networking portal software with number of community features.

Joomla - Maintaining a large website doesn’t mean dealing with hundreds of HTML files any longer. Joomla is a powerful content management system that uses a database and custom templates to display your site. Just log in to add pages and content, upload images, and modify your site design without having to touch a line of code.
KnowledgeTree - Document Management Software

kPlaylist - Web music collection

LifeType - Blogging platform with support for multiple blogs and users in a single installation.

LinkPoint - API for payment processing.

Links - Links is a basic, yet fully functional online Link management system.

Magento - Professional open-source eCommerce solution.

Mambo - Maintaining a large website doesn’t mean dealing with hundreds of HTML files any longer. Mambo is a powerful content management system that uses a database and custom templates to display your site. Just log in to add pages and content, upload images, and modify your site design without having to touch a line of code.
Mantis - Mantis is a free security web application (bug tracking system) written in PHP. It stores all found bugs in a database. No software can be bug free.
MediaWiki - The MediaWiki package powers the popular Wikipedia website, and will soon be available on Our hosting’s hosting plans. With a wiki, your web visitors have the ability to change and update your website - perfect for creating a company intranet, a hobby group website, or a knowledge base of information.
Moodle - Moodle is a course management system (CMS) - an Open Source software package designed using sound pedagogical principles, to help educators create effective online learning communities.
Movable Type 4 - Powerful publishing platform.
MyOrgBook - Online Organizer
MySQL 5 - The popular MySQL database has also made major strides in speed and ease of use in the new version 5. Support for features previously found in commercial databases, such as triggers and stored routines, combined with major performance enhancements allow your database-driven applications to shine. You will be able to select between the new MySQL 5 or MySQL 3 for maximum compatibility with older software.
net2ftp - Web based FTP client
nmsFormMail - Web-based CGI mail sender
nmsGuestbook - Guestbook application
nmsTextCounter - Counter
Noah’s Classifieds - Noah's Classifieds is an extremely powerful possibility whatever you want to advertise with it. It can be the 'Origin' and the 'End'! The origin, because it contains most of features a site owner would ever need from such a product. The end, because we can build in every site specific additional features the basic program may not contains.
Nucleus - Maintenance of one or more weblogs/news-sites. With Nucleus, you can set up one or more weblogs. If you want to, you can even show the contents of multiple weblogs on the same page.
Omnistar Mailer - PHP web based email marketing and autoresponder software solution.
OpenBiblio - an easy to use, automated library system written in PHP containing OPAC, circulation, cataloging, and staff administration functionality.
OpenIT - IT management web application
Open-Realty - OpenRealty is an open source web based real estate listing management application. It is intended to be both easy to setup and use. Written in PHP, Open-Realty® is designed to be a fast and flexible tool for your real estate website.
OpenX - Open source ad serving software for Web sites
OrangeHRM - OrangeHRM aims to be the world’s leading open source HRM solution for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) by providing a flexible and easy to use HRM system affordable for any company worldwide.
osCommerce - osCommerce is a complete online store solution that contains both a catalog frontend and an administration tool backend, which can be easily installed and configured.
osTicket - osTicket is a widely-used open source support ticket system. It seamlessly integrates inquiries created via email and web-based forms into a simple easy to use multi-user web interface. Easily manage, organize and archive all your support requests and responses in one place while providing your clients with accountability and responsiveness they deserve.
Owl - Owl is a multi user document repository that allows for permissions based on folder name, file name, or group name, persistent login capabilities, and event logging. Statistics are also provided within the application on its usage.
OXID eShop Community Edition - Website eCommerce application
Perl - a popular scripting language of choice for Web developers. Perl's speed and flexibility make it well suited for form processing and on-the-fly Web page creation.
Perlfect Search - Site indexer and search engine.
PHP 5 - PHP is the most popular web-oriented programming language for Linux, and new version 5 offers more features for programmers than ever before. Built in XML support, simplified database access, new support for iterators and exception handling, and enhanced object-oriented programming support mean that you can write PHP applications faster than ever. The VDS Manager will give you the ability to select the newest PHP 5 version, or use PHP 4 for maximum compatibility with older software.
phpAds - With phpAds you can easily rotate paid banners and your own in-house advertisements. You can even integrate banners from third party advertising companies.
phpBannerExchange - Web banner exchange
PhpBB - phpBB is a popular web-based forum software that allows you to create an online community. Using phpBB, your web visitors can create topics and post responses, making it a great way to keep your hobby group or organization in touch.
phpBook - phpBook is an easy configurable and very simple guestbook.
phpBugTracker - PhpBugTracker is a small bugtracking system like a Bugzilla.
phpCoin- A free WebWare package originally designed for web-hosting resellers to handle clients, orders, invoices, notes and helpdesk, but no longer limited to hosting resellers.
phpDig- aphpDig is simple search engine for your site.
phpDocumentor - JavaDoc-like automatic documentation generator for PHP
PhpList - phplist is an open-source newsletter manager. phplist is free to install and use, and is easy to integrate with any website. Phplist features: double opt-in subscription mechanism, scheduling, RSS, list segmentation, click-tracking, attachments, bounce management and much more.
PhpMyAdmin - Manage your MySQL database with a simple Web-based interface. PhpMyAdmin is a user-friendly alternative to administering a MySQL database from the command line. The GUI interface allows you to create, delete, and edit databases, tables, columns, and records.
phpMoney - PhpMoney is a tool to manage bank accounts through a web interface.
phpMyChat - phpMyChat is an easy-to-install, easy-to-use multi-room chat system developed in PHP and using a database as the content storage.
phpMyChatPlus - phpMyChatPlus is an easy-to-install, easy-to-use multi-room chat system developed in PHP and using a database as the content storage.
phpMyFamily - phpMyFamily is a dynamic genealogy website builder which allows geographically dispersed family members to maintain a central database of research which is readily accessable and editable.
phpMyFAQ - Multilingual, completely database-driven FAQ-system
phpMyVisites - Open source Web site statistics software
PHPOpenChat - PHPOpenChat (POC) is a web-based chat system.
PHP-Nuke - PHP-Nuke is free portal system, released under GNU GPL Licence version 2.0
PHProjekt - a modular application for the coordination of group activities and to share informations and document via the web. Components of PHProjekt: Group calendar, project management, time card system, file management, contact manager, mail client and many other modules.
PHP Support Tickets - At Triangle we have the motto `Keep it simple`, and hopefully our Ticketing application does that. The Front end is both intuitive for the user and administrator alike, keeping the main focus of the application on the tickets; and removing screen clutter to provide a simple and elegant solution for your helpdesk needs.
PHPSurveyor - PHPSurveyor is a fully functional survey development and data entry system - including data entry screen, public data entry script, method for issuing tokens, emailing invitations & recording responses, basic statistical analysis and import/export facilities.
phpWCMS - phpwcms is an Open Source web content management system. phpwcms is optimized for fast and easy setup and works on any standard webserver platform that supports PHP/MySQL and was tested successfully on LINUX. phpwcms is perfect for professional, public and private users. It is very easy to learn and gives you the flexibility to separate layout and content. Lots of powerful but simple implemented features assists publishers and web developers too.
phpWebSite - phpWebSite provides a complete web site content management system. Web-based administration allows users to easily maintain their interactive and community-driven web sites.
phpWhois- PHP library to do whois queries.
phpWiki - phpWiki allows you to easily create a wiki based website. With a wiki, your web visitors have the ability to change and update your website - perfect for creating a company intranet, a hobby group website, or a knowledge base of information.
Pivot - Web-based tool to help you maintain dynamic sites, like weblogs or online journals.
Piwik - Open source web analytics
pLog - pLog is a blogging platform built with PHP. It was designed with maximum customizability, speed and ease of use in mind.
pMachine- pMachine is a flexible and creative MySQL-driven online blogging and web log publishing program. With it you can have your blog(s) up, running, and displaying your content within minutes.
PostNuke - PostNuke is software that creates an impressive, dynamic web site and provides the webmaster with a site they can administer with a minimal amount of HTML knowledge through a web browser.
PowerPhlogger - Counter hosting and website statistics tool
PukiWiki - PHP scripts for Web pages which can be edited by anyone, at any time, from anywhere.
Python - a popular server-side scripting language, used in many situations where a great deal of dynamism, ease of use, power, and flexibility are required. You are now able to utilize the TurboGears web development framework with Python.
Ray - Community Widget Suite
Ruby - This popular programming language uses a novel, simplified approach to programming, making even the most complex programming statements simple to understand. With Ruby, code is highly reusable, so even the most complex application may only require a small amount of code.

  Note: Our version of Ruby supports Ruby on Rails.
Sendcard - Virtual postcard program
Serendipity - a PHP-powered weblog application which gives the user an easy way to maintain an online diary, weblog or even a complete homepage. While the default package is designed for the casual blogger, Serendipity offers a flexible, expandable and easy-to-use framework with the power for professional applications.
Shared SSL Certificate Service - Our hosting also provides a shared SSL certificate that allows you to securely access areas of your website using a longer URL format. The shared SSL certificate service is perfect for small websites that wish to encrypt form submissions or interactive areas of the site but do not wish to use their own SSL certificate. You can always add an SSL Certificate or Premium SSL Certificate in the future so that your secure page URL's match the format of the rest of your website.


NOTE: Shared SSL cannot be used with Miva or most other shopping cart software.
SimpleChat! - Fast HTML based chatroom
Site Builder - Our Site Builder tool is now included to help our customers get their website vision started quickly and easily.

• Have your site online immediately using our Site Builder Wizard.
• Add a Photo Gallery to your Site without paying extra fees for programs or applications.
• Incredibly easy to use, no need to know complicated programming languages.
• Select your professional design from 100+ different combinations available.
SiteFeeling Free Edition - SiteFeeling Free Edition: the database driven solution for websites of medium companies and organisations. Publish content direct from MS Word & Excel.
SiteFrame - Siteframe is a lightweight content-management system designed for the rapid deployment of community-based websites. Group of users can share stories and photographs, create blogs, send email to one another, and participate in group activities.
SMF - Elegant. Effective. Powerful. Free. SMF is all of the above. SMF is a next-generation community software package and is jam-packed with features, while at the same time having a minimal impact on resources. And, yes, it is free.
SquirrelMail - Webmail client
SSL Certificate Support with OpenSSL - Our hosting's eCommerce enabled web hosting plans allow you to add an SSL certificate to secure your website. Our hosting uses the secure and powerful OpenSSL engine for SSL Certificates, allowing you to easily install your SSL certificate on your site.

By adding an SSL certificate to your account, traffic to the secure areas of your website cannot be intercepted by a third party. With your own SSL certificate, your website visitors will see your URL in their web browser along with the "lock" icon, giving them peace of mind that their personal information and credit card details are being submitted securely. Note: You must have a plan with a dedicated IP address.

SugarCRM - This customer relationship manager allows businesses to track customers, sales, business leads, and all aspects of running a sales-driven business. If your business is looking to grow its reach, SugarCRM combined with your VDS is going to be the perfect match for you.
Support Logic Helpdesk - Support Ticket system.
Support Services Manager - Support Services Manager ("SSM") is a powerful Support Desk and Knowledge Base application.
Tellme - Small utilities for network services
Textpattern - Textpattern is a flexible, elegant and easy-to-use content management system.
TikiWiki - TikiWiki (Tiki) is your Groupware/CMS (Content Management System) solution. Tiki has the features you need, including; Wikis, Forums, Blogs, Articles, Image Galleries, Map Server, Link Directory, Multilingual, Bug Tracker and much more.
todolist - "Todolist.php" is a set of PHP scripts that create a web-based list of things to do.
TUTOS - TUTOS is a tool to manage the organizational needs of small groups, teams, and departments featuring a calendar for users and groups, address management system, and project timetracking.
TYPO - TYPO is a professional content management system offering out of the box operation with a complete set of standard modules and a clean and sturdy high-performance architecture accomodating virtually every kind of custom solution or extension.
UebiMiau (Webmail) - Our UebiMiau webmail cilent has a similar look and feel to popular desktop email clients, giving you reliable and easy to use access to your email when you are out of the office.
VideoDB- Database to manage your personal video collection.
VIVVO CMS- Database to manage your personal video collection
WebCalendar - The Calendar allows you and other users that you add the ability to track and manage a shared calendar, which is pefect for small businesses or clubs.
webERP - webERP is a web based accounting/ERP software produced by an ongoing community of accounting software developers.
WordPress - A weblog is a simple method for sharing thoughts, opinions, and basically anything the author wants. Weblog entries are organized in chronological order and may include relevant links and pictures by the author. WordPress comes with a full theme system which makes designing everything from the simplest blog to the most complicated webzine a piece of cake, and you can even have multiple themes with totally different looks that you switch with a single click. Have a new design every day. WordPress uses PHP and MySQL, to give you a full-featured blog that includes static pages, design themes, and much more.
Wrike - Wrike is email-integrated online project management software that helps you manage projects, teams and businesses.
WWW Paint Board - A tool where users can draw dynamically on the web.
Xaraya - Web application framework
Xoops - XOOPS is a program that allows administrators to easily create dynamic websites with great content and many outstanding features. It is an ideal tool for developing small to large dynamic community websites, intra company portals, corporate portals, weblogs and much more.
Xoops Cube Legacy - Open source content management system.
XRMS - XRMS is a web-based customer relationship management application for managing relationship with your customers as well as business partners and features business intelligence tools, RSS feeds for new records, advanced workflow, computer telephony integration, and an advanced plugin architecture.
xt:Commerce - Powerful ecommerce webcart shop system.
Zen Cart - Zen Cart gives web designers a robust and customizable electronic storefront that's easy to keep up-to-date with new features. It provides usable, intuitive and unobtrusive purchase flows right out of the box based on proven industry best-practices - there are no major revisions required to get things right for your clients!