Backup Solutions

Securing your data is paramount when it comes to your Bare Metal Hosting. If you are not taking the steps to guarantee your data, you may be leaving yourself vulnerable to future problems. Even if you’re storing a local copy of your data, the process of re-creating accounts, installing applications and uploading your files can be quite a time consuming task, and sometimes not an option at all due to lack of technical knowhow or lack of time to complete the job.

By taking the extra step early on, you are potentially heading off serious issues that could result from loss of data due to hard drive failure or user negligence. That’s why Company Name suggests all of our Bare Metal Hosting customers take advantage of one of our backup solutions. Because of our years of experience in backup/recovery services for our hosting clients, we have streamlined the process for retrieving your data and making it available to you in the shortest time possible.

Daily Enterprise Backup Solution

Our Daily Enterprise Backup Solution is the recommended option when securing your data is of utmost importance. Using IBM’s Tivoli Storage Manager, Company Name will backup your data daily, providing our engineers rapid access to your data for restoration purposes in the event of data corruption, deletion or hard drive failure.

For the safety of your data, these daily backups are maintained in a fault tolerant RAID hard disk array which has a total of nearly 15 terabytes of storage available for rapid data backup and restoration. By maintaining such a large backup system, Company Name’s protection will be available to you no matter what the space requirements of your business may be.


10 Day Retention 20 Day Retention 30 Day Retention
Plan/Storage Space Price Price Price
Select (160GB) $10.00/month $20.00/month $30.00/month
Preferred (250GB) $18.00/month $36.00/month $54.00/month
Elite (500GB) $32.00/month $64.00/month $96.00/month