Backup & Restore System

Company URL is committed to the highest possible reliability, and we have built a world-class custom backup solution in partnership with IBM to insure that your data is always safe. Investing in data protection is extremely important, and Company URL has taken the steps to guarantee that no customer data is ever left unprotected or unsecured.

Each of our hosting servers is backed up daily using IBM’s Tivoli Storage Manager, and our customers can request a restore of data for up to 30 days (based on your plans backup schedule) in the event that a file is accidentally overwritten or deleted. By utilizing the Tivoli Storage Manager system, our engineers have rapid access to your data and can help you bring your data back online in the event of an accidental deletion.

Backing up your Data

To guarantee there is never lost data, our daily backups are supplemented with a weekly snapshot of every server for use on our hot spare systems, which allows us to rapidly move your website to an alternate physical machine in the event of any type of failure or emergency. Each weekly snapshot is a fully bootable copy of the server; combining this with our daily backup gives us a complete copy of an entire server that can be accessed immediately and is always available to prevent any service interruptions.

For the safety of your data, these daily backups and weekly images are maintained in a fault tolerant RAID hard disk array with a total of nearly 15 terabytes of storage available for rapid data backup and restoration. By maintaining such a large backup system, Company URL’s protection will be available to you no matter what the space requirements of your business may be.

Disaster Preparedness Overview

For security in the event of a catastrophe, our backup disk array is continually mirrored in one of our alternate datacenters. These backups provide an added layer of protection to your data for an unexpected “worst case scenario”. Additionally, spare servers and disks are available in a separate location away from our primary datacenters for emergencies, allowing us to provide website service to you even in the face of natural disasters or other major catastrophes that simply cannot be planned for. Combined with our environmentally controlled and secure datacenters, you can rest assured that your data and website will always be available.

Restoring your Data

With your data securely stored in our multi-level backup system, the next step is restoring the required information back to your website. Using the same layered technology that we employ to backup your website content, we are able to reverse the process to restore your website content to a specific point-in-time. Depending on your plan, our backups are available for restore at your request for up to 30 days back.

Through our back up system we are able to go back in time to retrieve full website/data backups for your site from a specific week, then apply the daily changes from that point forward to ‘rebuild’ the content to the requested restore date.  By employing this method, we have a system in place that offers the highest level of safe guards against data loss and provides us with the tools to restore data for both individual requests, and for server-wide restores should the need ever arise.

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