Columbus, Ohio

Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, Datacenter101 is a leading provider of state-of-the-art colocation services in the United States. As a high-availability data center committed to 100% uptime, Datacenter101 takes into consideration the complex and growing needs of today’s high density computing environments and utilize best-in-breed processes to build, deliver, and maintain next-generation colocation facilities. Datacenter101 works closely with companies of all sizes and across a multitude of industries to provide cost-effective solutions that promote the flexibility, stability, and security required to protect mission critical applications.

Datacenter101 key features:
· 2 utility power sources with onsite generator backup
· Multiple carriers
· Multi-homed blended internet bandwidth
· N+1 architecture throughout the facility (no single point of failure)
· 4 levels of verifiable security
· 24/7 access

Multiple Tier 1 Providers
Datacenter101's Internet bandwidth and IP services use multiple tier 1 providers including Sprint, Global Crossing, Savvis, Time Warner Cable, Level 3, and TWTelecom. This state-of-the-art network provides a reliable connectivity and around-the-clock monitoring.

Blended Bandwidth
Uniquely different than other carrier neutral private networks, Datacenter101 takes all six carriers and blends them into a single handoff thereby an incomparable Internet experience, superior performance, and unrivaled reliability.

100% Uptime SLA
With advanced physical and logical network architecture, six-carrier blend and fault tolerant cores, Datacenter101's network is continually up and forever available.

Redundant Cores
Each Datacenter101 core is ready to provide scalable, high capacity blended bandwidth, powered by Cisco utilizing the latest routing technology for flow control.

Redundant Power
Datacenter101's power grid is in a class all its own. The integration of three standalone power sources, independent A and B power paths, make-before-break automatic transfer switches, and conditioned power ensures the distribution of reliable, quality power.

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Lewis Center, Ohio

Qwest® CyberCenter™ facilities provide a secure, reliable and scalable foundation for your success. Specifically designed to provide state-of-the-art hosting for mission-critical Web sites and enterprise applications, Qwest CyberCenters provide the best in Disaster Control, Power Systems, and Systems Monitoring and Management.

· N+1 redundancy of cooling towers, water pumps and chillers
· Fire detection and suppression systems for 24/7 operations of your critical systems
· Dual power availability to each rack unit from independent Power Distribution Units (PDUs) removes PDU loss as a single point of failure
· N+1 redundancy of uninterruptible power supplies
· Redundant generator power supplies, in the event of a power failure from commercial power

A Tier 1 Network
Qwest CyberCenter facilities are equipped to support your system's Internet protocol (IP) connectivity and are directly connected to Qwest's 10 Gigabit-per-second (OC192) coast-to-coast backbone network. Dedicated Web Hosting is available throughout the domestic U.S. Qwest CyberCenter facilities are located in Burbank, CA; Sacramento, CA; Sunnyvale, CA; Denver, CO; Tampa, FL; Chicago, IL; Newark, NJ; Columbus, OH; and Sterling, VA.

· Built-in fail-over through redundant router and switch configuration in the CyberCenter LAN
· Dual ports available from unique switches
· Scalability through 10 to 1000 Mbps bandwidth ports
· Agilent FireHunter (throughput monitoring)
· Veritas Nerve Center (router and switch event correlation)

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