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Domain name search guidelines

• Domain names can be up to 63 characters long (not including the TLD)
• Must contain a minimum of three or more of the characters a-z, 0-9 and '-' (hyphen)
• Domain names cannot start or end with '-' (hyphen).
• Domain names are not case sensitive, therefore and and are all equivalent.

*$9.95 price for first yr. only, additional years renewed at $35.00/yr. This applies to domain name transfers as well.

1. Choose a Domain Name that matches your business name.
When you are searching for a domain name find the name that best represents your business. If the name of your business is Acme Painting Supplies, choosing to register or is probably not the best idea for name recognition with your company if you plan on advertising the name.

2. Choosing a domain name that is commonly misspelled.
If your company name is commonly misspelled, you may want to consider also purchasing the domain names for those misspellings, because if you have a successful business and you do not buy them, your competitors just might.

3. Abbreviated domain names.
We all know shorter names are easier to remember, but that does not always mean it is a good idea to go with an abbreviation when registering your domain name. If your business goes by a commonly used abbreviation and that is available, by all means register it. But if the abbreviated version of the name is only recognized within your company, you may also want to register the full domain name just to avoid confusion for everyone else.

4. Get a Domain Name that represents your product
If you sell a product that is known by a specific name (your product name), register that domain name as well. Do not risk losing traffic to competitor because they registered the name of your product.

5. Your Domain Name will be a major part of your advertising .
Before you select your final domain name think about how you are going to be using it. Will you be putting it on business cards, using it on radio advertisements, using it for email, or for in store promotions? If so, be sure to select a domain name that can be easily understood and recognized, do not choose a domain name that no one will ever remember.

6. To hyphenate or not to hyphenate.
As a general rule of thumb, using hyphenation in a domain name typically causes confusion for people who are searching for your website directly. For repeat visitors, are they going to remember that you had hyphens in the domain name after they found your website through a search engine? If your company name is hyphenated, by all means do the same with your domain name, as long as your customers recognize the name you cannot go wrong.

7. Secure your name, get all of the available TLD's.
If you are serious about your business and want to own your name completely, get all of the TLD's available for the domain name you selected. Does it make more sense to spend a few extra dollars to lock up the .com, .net and .org extensions of your domain name, or to let a competitor do it and possibly take business away from you?

8. When is one domain name enough?
If your business is a local pizzeria, repair shop, or boutique, one domain name may be enough. While it is never a bad idea to have additional domain names, when you are dealing with local clientele who use your business exclusively, they will become accustomed to the name and will typically be able to find your business easily with the single domain name.

9. Avoid trademarked names.
Avoid trademarked names; it will just cost you in the end if the trademark holder decides they want the domain name back.

10. Do not wait, Register your Domain Name now.
We cannot stress this enough, don't wait to register your domain name. If you are undecided on which domain name is right for you, register a few of them and decide later. Today there are nearly 108,000,000 .com, .net and .org domain names registered and the pace of new registrations is continuing at a staggering pace, so do not risk losing out on a domain because you could not decide.