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Only $9.95/year*

Choosing your name is hardest thing you will do when you work with Company URL. Regardless of how you plan on using your domain name, Company URL gives you the tools you need to achieve your goals and take advantage of everything that your domain name has to offer!

From registering your domain name, to providing email, to building your website with our full-featured Site Builder, Company URL offers it all in one simple package. So don't put your domain name plans off for another day, get your Domain Name Package today! You have a domain name, why not use it for email to! Company URL's Domain Name Package includes 5 POP3 or IMAP email accounts, 20 email forwarders and a great Webmail client so you can easily check your email no matter where you are.

*$9.95 price for first yr. only, additional years renewed at $35.00/yr. This applies to domain name transfers as well.

Get Your Domain

By registering your new domain name you are taking the first step towards creating your new internet identity! Whether you are ready to create a new website, want personalized email or are looking to reserve a name for future use, the Company URL Domain Name Package gives you everything you will need to accomplish your goals.

Today, domain names are being registered at a staggering pace with nearly 86 million .com domain names already registered, and if you include .net and .org domain name registrations, this number swells to nearly 108 million domain names that are no longer available. That is why it is so important to secure your domain name and establish your internet identity for the years to come!

Domain ManagementManage your Domain Name Servers quickly and easily through our simple customer interface.
Domain ForwardingNot only do you have the ability to direct your domain name wherever you might like it to go, but you can also use the included Under Construction or Domain For Sale pages to put your domain name online immediately.
Whois PrivacyJust because you own a domain name does not mean you want your information available for everyone to see. That's why we offer Whois Privacy, to keep you from being solicited by anyone searching through the public whois records.

Get Your Email

Once you create your email forwarder, you can easily direct all email sent to that address to any outside email account you would like. That means the next time you switch ISP's, all you have to do is update your email forwarder to point to your new email address. It really is that easy!

Webmail: Whether you are at home, out of town on business or down the street at a friends house, checking your email is as easy as visiting your favorite website when you use our Webmail Client. With Company URL's Webmail, not only will you be able to easily check your email, but you get the added bonus of the included AddressBook and MyCalendar applications as well. Now you will never have an excuse for not having the information you need when you're on the road, Webmail makes locating your information as easy as just logging in!

If you purchase the optional Email Defense Service (spam and virus protection), you will also be able to easily view and manage your Quarantine Reports directly from your Webmail Client.

You have a domain name, why not use it for email to! Company URL's Domain Name Package includes 5 POP3 or IMAP email accounts, 20 email forwarders and a great Webmail client so you can easily check your email no matter where you are.

POP3 Email Accounts: Company URL includes 5 POP or IMAP email accounts with every domain name. package. Each email address includes 1 GB of storage space to ensure that you will never be lacking space when those critical emails are on the way. POP or IMAP email accounts can be checked not only by our included Webmail application, but also from any standard email client, such as Outlook Express or Eudora.

Email Forwarding: Tired of giving out a new email address every time you switch ISP's, or when you jump from one free email provider to another? Using the included email forwarders, you will never have to give out more than one email address ever again!

Get Your Website - NEW

If you’re like most people, you either don't have any idea where to start in developing a new website or, you have an idea but don't know how to build it. That's where Company URL comes in! Included in our Domain Name Package is the full-featured Plesk Site Builder that includes everything you will need to build a professional website in no time at all.
Site Builder

Have your website up quickly Site Builder includes a step-by-step wizard to help you get your new design up in no time at all, then makes it easy to build and manage your site as you grow.

Create your Site Create a web site from scratch choosing from a full set of available design and functional presets - pages and page sets, design templates, functional modules (including blog and image gallery) - which you can arrange according to your objectives and preferences.

Create your Blog Create a dedicated blog site quickly and easily using the offered set of Plesk Sitebuilder templates. You can choose an alternative design scheme, add regular pages and functional modules to the site, and rearrange the provided site structure as you like.

Create your Photo Gallery Create and publish your photo- or image gallery on the web. You have the same options to configure and personalize your site by adding or removing pages, applying design templates, and introducing additional functional modules.