Network Equipment

Cisco Systems is the largest provider of network hardware in the world, and Company URL is proud to partner with Cisco to bring you the most reliable web hosting network possible. Each piece of our network is duplicated to provide the maximum possible uptime, and our entire network is built on the latest and highest speed standards such as Gigabit Ethernet. This scaleable, extremely reliable network is backed by our experienced network engineers, who constantly monitor the health of the network to eliminate network congestion and prevent any failures.

Cisco Catalyst Switches Features

The core of our network fabric is built on Cisco Catalyst switches, which link each server to our Cisco routers at gigabit speeds. Each Catalyst unit is built to automatically “failover” to a spare unit in the event of a failure, preventing downtime due to a disconnected cable or problematic network interface. Our Catalyst-switched network provides all of our hosting servers with two network connections, building a mesh of redundant connections with a 96Gbs switching fabric that has run with 100% reliability since its inception.

Cisco Catalyst 4900 Series Switches are designed and optimized for the data center and top-of-rack aggregation.

They offer:
· Industry-leading wire-speed performance
· Low latency with Layer 2-4 switching
· Innovative security features
· Gigabit Ethernet uplinks
· Internal AC 1 + 1 hot-swappable power supplies
· A hot-swappable fan tray with redundant fans

Cisco PIX Features

Protection from network threats is provided by Cisco PIX units, which can block even the most determined attacker from affecting your website service. With a custom-built set of filters and dynamic threat monitoring, our PIX units automatically adapt to block even the most complex network disturbance attempts. Each firewall unit communicates with our hosting servers to identify network issues and manage traffic to provide each customer with a dedicated portion of the total network bandwidth without interruption. Combined with firewall and monitoring systems built in to each of our hosting servers, our network is hardened to protect your data 24x7.

Catalyst 4948 Switch Spec Sheet  |  PIX 525 Product Spec Sheet

Cisco Catalyst Switches

Cisco PIX